Training Program


Core Skills

Our players take part in a structure curriculum which has been developed to teach and assess every student.

The curriculum covers all aspects of the game and allows players to explore and enjoy the experience. The course is formulated to help with:

Natural Ability

Speed/stamina, reaction/ability, and strength/coordination.

Individual Soccer Skills

Dribbling, throw-ins, passing/accuracy, tackling/defense, trapping/control, and heading.

Team Play

Field sense/position, attitude/coach ability and desire/hustle.

Tyrone James academy offer all management details required for pro careers oversea.


Core Skills


All aspects of dribbling skills covered in the program.

Running with the Ball

Players are taught how to run with the ball while retaining full control.


Learning to receive passes with back to play.

Turning with the Ball

Learn how to turn defenders and leave them standing.


Create match winning chances through accurate passing techniques.


Be in the right position to receive most of the passes and control them with ease.


The program teaches you how to use the best ball controlling techniques.


Increase your goal scoring chances by playing the best shots


The program teaches you all the best goalkeeping skills.

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