Tyrone James

Academy of football Coach

At Age 19, Tyrone James was playing professional soccer with Fulham Football Club with some of the most famous players such as Bobby Moore, George Best, Alan Mullery and Rodney Marsh as his team mates.

Bobby Moore, England’s World Cup Captain actually took Tyrone under his wing to help him develop further and become a very successful player.

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The academy

Established in 2004 Tyrone James Academy of Football develops many talents juniors in the western suburbs. Tyrone James Academy is currently involved in the player development with many Australian clubs and schools throughout Melbourne. The academy has successfully trained and continues to train players from ages 6 to 18 years, aiming to teach them the appropriate skills needed for the game.

Over the years, Tyrone James has perfected his skills as a coach and has credited qualifications. He provides specialist-training programs for specific age groups ranging from ages 8 to 16. Each player is assed so as to further enhance their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Tyrone develops a specific program based on a number of factors such as position, age, experience etc.

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